Suspended Muscle-up (self-assisted)

Practical Usage

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Suspended Muscle-up (self-assisted)


Utility: Power
Mechanics: Compound
Force: Pull & Push



Position suspended handles lower than arms reach from floor. Stand between handles and grasp with wrists flexed. Squat down until arms are extended straight up.


Push off floor with legs and pull body up to handles with wrists flexed inward. Bring legs forward during pull-up phase. Pulling above handles, wing elbows outward and behind handles so wrists flex forward. Lean shoulders forward over handles so elbows can continue to rise above handles from behind. Push body upward until arms and legs are straight.


Lower body into dip position. Allow elbows to fall behind handles. Lower body with wrists flexed until arms are straight over head and feet are on floor with legs in original squat position. Repeat.


Keep wrists flexed until elbows rise above handles. Translated from certain languages as Power Straight or Up On One. See rear view.


Pull body only to height of handles.


Continue increasing height of handles progressively from floor until no assistance is required. Also see Muscle-up on straight bar.

Force (Articulation)



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