Cable Lying Hip External Rotation

Practical Usage

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Cable Lying Hip External Rotation


Utility: Auxiliary
Mechanics: Isolated
Force: Pull



Attach cable ankle cuff to ankle, nearest low pulley. Lie prone with legs slightly apart and knee of attached leg bent 90°. Adjust position of legs slightly away from cable pulley so slight stretch is felt in hip.


Keeping knee of attached leg bent approximately 90°, pull cable attachment toward opposite knee by rotating hip. Return until slight stretch is felt in hip, then repeat. Place ankle cuff on opposite leg and continue lying opposite direction.


Exercise name is somewhat counter-intuitive since direction of rotation is relative to movement of hip, or thigh, not bent leg. For example, in this exercises, external rotation of hip causes front of thigh to turn outward despite bent leg moving inward. Incidentally if knee were straight during external rotation of thigh, foot would move outward.

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