Spinal Extension Clearance

Practical Usage

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Spinal Extension Clearance



Lie prone and place hands palms down under shoulders.


Keeping legs on floor, push torso up off of floor as much as possible by extending arms.


This test is part of Functional Movement Screening (FMS), performed after Trunk Stability Pushup for spinal extension clearance.


Identifies pain during spinal flexion as a provocation sign for spinal dysfunction. According instructions of noting any pain associated with movement, it technically also may detect orthopedic disfunction in following position:

  • Spinal Extension
  • Hip Extension
  • Scapula Elevation
  • Elbow Extension
  • Wrist Hyperextension


If pain is felt during this movement, score 0 for Trunk Stability Pushup and refer out for orthopedic evaluation.

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