Shoulder Mobility (open hands)

Practical Usage

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Shoulder Mobility Test (open hands)



Raise one arm, bend elbow, and reach down across back, with palm facing upper back. Position opposite arm down behind back and reach up across back with back of hand against back.


With fingers extended, try to cross fingers, upper hand over lower hand. Repeat with arms in opposite position.


Measure distance from finger tip to finger tip. If fingers overlap, score as a plus. If fingers fail to meet, score as a minus.


Many individuals are more flexible on one side compared to the other side. Note any pain or discomfort during movement.



Inches (cm) Men Women
Rating Right Up Left Up Right Up Left Up
Excellent >5 (12) >4 (9) >6 (14) >5 (12)
Good 1-4 (1-11) 1-3 (1-8) 2-5 (4-13) 2-4 (4-11)
Fair 0 0 1 (3) 1 (3)
Low < 0 < 0 <1 (3) <1 (3)

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