Standing Quadriceps Stretch (towel)

Practical Usage

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Standing Quadriceps Stretch (Towel)



With foot on bench or floor place towel around ankle. Grasp both ends of towel behind ankle with closest hand. Stand on opposite leg and touch wall or stationary object with other arm for balance. Pull foot to rear end with towel.


Straighten hip by moving knee backward. Hold stretch. Repeat with opposite side.


Alternatively, hip may be initially extended, then ankle can be slowly pulled towards rear end. With either technique, do not allow knee to flare outward to side. If low back is sensitive to hyperextension, hip should be postured in more neutral position than demonstrated. If knee is not completely flexed Iliopsoas may be stretched; Quadriceps will not be stretched significantly. If range of motion permits try Standing Quadriceps Stretch with out towel.




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