Medicine Ball Overhead Backward Throw

Practical Usage

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Utility: Plyometric
Mechanics: Compound
Force: Push
Function: Upward Push
Intensity: Medium High



Stand with feet wider than shoulder width apart. Hold medicine ball overhead with hand on each side of ball.


Lower ball with arms straight in long forward arch motion. Squat down and swing ball down between both legs. Immediately lean body back, swing ball forward with arms straight, and extending body and legs. Throw ball back and upward. Walk backwards few steps to reestablish balance.


Squat Overhead Backward Throw is considered full body movement. If performing for repetitions or timed duration, throw ball toward solid wall so ball can be more easily retrieved. Throws can also be also be performed for distance on field or in large indoor space.

Slight spine flexion may occur during bent over squat position dependent upon participants depth and flexibility. Spinal hyper-extension occurs as body extends and arms reach back during throw.

Force (Articulation)


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