Trapezius (Lower Fibers)

Practical Usage

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Other Names

  • Back (Middle)
  • Lower Traps


  • Lower Fibers (1 of 3)

Also see



Spine (Thoracic) (weak)



  • Spine
    • Thoracic Vertebrae (T4-12)
      • Spinous Processes


  • Scapula
    • Spine (Inferior Medial)
      • Triangular Space at Base

Related Muscles

Trapezius (Lower Fibers)


Lower trapezius is important for shoulder function due to its mobility and posturing of scapula. Lower trapezius activity is typically relatively low at angles less than 90° of scapular abduction, abduction, and flexion, and then increases exponentially from 90° to 180°. Exercises that result in greater lower trapezius to upper trapezius ratio included shoulder external rotation at 0° abduction and prone horizontal abduction at 90° abduction with shoulder externally rotated (McCabe RA et al, 2007; Cools AM et al, 2003).

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