Deltoid (Anterior)

Practical Usage

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Anterior Deltoid

Other Names

  • Shoulder (Front)
  • Front Delts


  • Anterior Deltoid (1 of 3)

Also see





  • Clavicle (Anterior Lateral Third)


  • Humerus (Lateral)
    • Deltoid Tuberosity


The anterior deltoid is involved in shoulder abducted when the shoulder is externally rotated. The anterior deltoid is only a weak synergist in strict transverse flexion, assisting the pectoralis major, but not transverse adduction, meaning the shoulder needs to be internally rotated to be recruited in the transverse plane.

Due to increasing moment arm with abduction, anterior deltoid is more effective at shoulder abductor in higher abduction angles in contrast to supraspinatus which is more effective shoulder abductor at lower abduction angles.

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