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Education / Experience / Credibility

  • College Education
    • Exercise Science
    • Kinesiology
    • Sports Science
    • Physical Education
  • Certifications
    • ACSM
    • NSCA
    • ACE
  • Past work experience
    • Independent Contractor
    • Past jobs
    • Internship
  • Win Championship Title(s) or compete in high level events
    • Sports Competition
    • Physique or Figure Competition
  • Recommended steps for establishing yourself as an expert by Tim Ferris in his best seller book, The 4-Hour Work Week
    • Join a few related trade associations with official-sounding names.
    • Read a few top-selling books on the topic and write a summary of each.
    • Go to the closest well-known university, put up posters advertising a free seminar on the subject, and give a seminar using the summaries you’ve prepared.
    • Call up a local branch of a well-known company. Introduce yourself and explain that you’re a member of the trade associations and you’ve given seminars at the university, and you would like to gain speaking experience outside of the academic setting.
    • Leverage your trade association membership and speaking experience to get an article published in a trade magazine. One option is to interview a known expert for the article.
    • Join ProfNet or ExpertClick, services journalists use to find expert quotes for their articles. Use the credibility you’ve gained from the previous steps.


  • Internet
    • Website
      • Weebly
        • Easy to learn, do it yourself service
      • Blog
        • Post regular blogs posts on your site
      • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Facebook
    • Yelp
      • Post your business in the area
      • Double edge sword
        • Clients either post good or bad reviews
      • Information becomes public information
        • Undoable
    • Groupon or Living Social
      • Attracts bargain shoppers
      • Mixed bag
    • Thumbtack
      • Bid on posts by potential clients looking for personal trainers
      • Start an exercise group
        • Weight loss
        • Bootcamp
        • Running
        • Exercise Classes
        • Educational Seminars
  • Networking
    • Cross Marketing
      • Massage Therapist
      • Chiropractor
      • Physician
      • Dietitian
    • Tell friends and family
    • Network events
  • Traditional Media
    • Car Magnets
    • Business Cards
  • Personal Trainer Marketing Videos
  • Employment or Partnerships
    • Gym or Fitness Center
      • Local Gym, Fitness Center, or Athletic Club
      • 24 Hour Key Club
      • Personal Training Gyms
      • Chain Clubs
      • YMCA
    • Volunteer to speak at to groups
      • Local businesses
      • Brown bag seminars
    • Community Fitness Classes


  • Fillable PDF Forms for Exercise Professionals
    • Personal Training Payment Acknowledgment         
    • Client Profile and Health History
    • Exercise Readiness Questionnaire
    • Fitness Testing Form
    • Informed Consent for Exercise Participation
    • Medical Clearance Form


  • Fitness Calculators
  • Body Tracker Pro
    • Anthropometrics
      • Body composition via Skinfold
      • Circumferences
      • Progress Pictures
      • Blood Pressure
    • Workout Tracking
  • Illustrated Workout Programming
    • Print and post or hand to client or participants
    • Print to PDF and attach in Email
    • Exercise Clip Art


Personal Training or Fitness Facility Insurance

Other Resources

  • Small Business Development Center
    • Get free business advice & resources at your local SBDC

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