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Accurate requirements:

  • steady state submaximal aerobic exercise
  • walking speeds between 50 to 130 m/min (1.9-4.9 mph)
  • running at least 80 m/min (3 mph) as long as actually jogging and not walking
  • not holding onto hand rail
  • exercise is unaffected by mechanical efficiency such as wind, snow, sand, or gait abnormalities

Please note the output of this calculator may be slightly different than the examples in textbooks since this calculator does not round digits until the final values are computed.

Also see Walking and Running Energy Efficiency.

American College of Sports Medicine, (2000) ACSM's Guidelines for Exercise Testing and Prescription, 6. (See Latest Edition)

Bubb WJ, Martin AD, Howley ET (1985). Predicting oxygen uptake during level walking at speeds of 80 to 130 meters per minute. Journal of Cardiac Rehabilitation, 5(10), 462-465.

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