The Blackmail Diet

The Blackmail Die

The Blackmail DietJohn Bear
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  • John Bear, overweight most of his life, set out to invent a diet that would work for him
  • He succeeded grandly by ignoring anything to do with food, and concentrating on the psychology of human behavior
  • Principle # 1: Everyone is enthusiastic and dedicated on the first day of a diet - but 98% of all dieters fail because that enthusiasm doesn't last
  • Principle #2: There are situations in life that we enter into voluntarily, but once we have done so, we cannot turn back
  • Bear's great breakthrough was to combine these two principles: to harness that initial enthusiasm and create a diet you begin voluntarily but which becomes involuntary once you have begun
  • He literally blackmailed himself thin
  • You don't need money to set up a self-blackmail scheme, as long as you arrange for something negative to happen if you don't lose weight
  • It works just as well by pledging your time, giving away or destroying beloved objects, writing letters which would cause great embarrassment if mailed, and a whole raft of other possibilities , described here in detail
  • This book has nothing to do with food
  • Most people begin with enthusiasm, then give up after a few days or a few weeks, they simply don't have the incentive to stick with it and that's the beauty of this book, now you've got incentive
  • Lose weight or else, it's that simple

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