Elliptical Trainer

Practical Usage

Incorporate this exercise into the routine of your choice with the upcoming ExRx app. Or use the workout creation guide for an evidence-based do-it-yourself approach.

Elliptical Trainer


Bearing: Weight
Impact: Low



Step on pedal platforms and grasp handle rails. Select "quick start" or enter program.


Pedal forward by placing weight on one foot, allowing the other foot to move forward. Alternate with opposite side until momentum allows continued forward rotation.


Avoid transferring body weight onto handle bars. Pedaling backwards can be performed for variety or for active recovery. Adjustments to the incline shift emphasis to certain muscle groups displayed on console. Intensity can be altered by resistance/speed (strides per minute). Lower resistance allows for greater speed which increases exercise intensity. Also see Elliptical Glider.

Force (Articulation)



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